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The Northland Automation and Engineering bag conveyor system is designed to move individual popcorn bags between the bag forming machine and the packaging machines and place them into the magazine, eliminating the need to have a person loading the magazine on the packagers. They are highly customizable and we can design it to fit around your current floor plan.


  • Greatly reduced jam potential than other models
  • Flat belt without rib extends life of belts
  • Bags shingled prior to entering magazine allowing for stiffer stack entering magazine.
  • Slow speed registration area allows plenty of time for bags to drop onto registration belt.
  • Bags stacked very tightly and uniformly in magazine
  • Custom gearboxes with press fit taper roller bearings
  • Easy alignment of twist belt rollers
  • Please give us a call to tell you about many of the other huge advantages with the NAE bag conveyor system.

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