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Modular Beer Canning Line

Launched in 2020, the modular canning line by Northland Automation and Engineering is a counter-pressure moduler can filling system. In the demonstration above, it has been setup to fill crowlers, but it can be used to fill standard 12oz or 16oz cans as well.


It is currently capable of a throughput of 3-4 crowlers or 5-6 cans per minute, with very little wastage, and future room for expansion, including adding additional units to "gang up" and increase throughput.


The machine secures the can, grabs and removes the lid, fills the can, replaces the lid, seams the lid, and pushes the can out the back in a pressurized environment and an automated workflow. It has a precision fill system, which ensures tight control on fill volume, and an atmospheric vacuum, which produces a chamber nearly free of oxygen before flooding with CO2 and filling the can. Oxygen pickup is extremely low, as all operations from lid removal through the final seaming happen in a purged and pressurized atmosphere, allowing unprecedented shelf-life.


Cans are filled and seamed under pressure, which retains beer carbonation levels while also enabling the smooth packaging of highly carbonated beers.


Only minor mechanical aptitude is required to run the machine, as the operation is no more complicated than other equipment typically found in the brewery environment.


We are excited to begin offering this machine to the public, and are now accepting orders. Lead time is approximately three months between order and delivery.


Final cost of the machine is variable depending on chosen options, but prices are upwards of $35k.


We believe this machine is a breakthrough technology in the small-scale craft beer packaging market, and we look forward to helping your brewery succeed.


Some feats achieved by the machine so far:

- Over 100,000 crowlers packaged with it across five breweries.

- Issue-free packaging of beer at a temperature of 65 degrees F.

- Single-digits of O2 pickup in PPB (Parts Per Billion).


The infrastructure requirements are minimal:
- a 20-amp 110-120v single-phase electrical connection.
- 25-30 psi of CO2 (recirculated during operation so consumption is low).
- 100 psi of compressed air (runs the pneumatics, minimal consumption so relatively light duty compressors can be used).
- about 7' of headspace with a 3' x 2' footprint (plus around 6' of linear space for the conveyor infeed).


Lead time is 16-20 weeks from order,

though this may vary depending on our production.


Patent pending.

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